In our community gatherings we try to connect, through word, worship, scripture, fellowship and testimony, with the God that seeks us out! The God that breaks through into our lives and wants to be close to us. The God that provides and sustains. The God of grace and forgiveness. The God of love. Gather with us as we journey together in this great adventure.
Pastor Matthew Norris
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Our Sunday morning gatherings are a place people connect with a knowable God. We want the church community to be a place can seek find and discover God for themselves through worship and word, friendship and fellowship, through ancient and new traditions.

Our gatherings are a place for all ages but Sunday Service is upbeat, creative and encouraging so that families with children/young people feel welcomed and empowered to meet God.

The services run for 1.15hrs with a 20-25min sermon. We are together as a church family for 30mins and then Children/YP go to their Sunday classes.

A Church Family Communion takes place every month where all people, children and adults, are invited to partake of this Holy Ancient Tradition.

At present Sunday Evening Service have a more traditional feel. The evening service is an opportunity to go deeper into the Bible.

The evening service creates a space where people can focus and be taught about their faith and their wonderful loving God.

It follows a traditional format but again we try and inject a sense of the modern and new in to these times together.

It is a space in the week that allows us all to breathe. A space where volunteers can come and have a time of sanctuary. A time of decompression from the business of the working week and family life.

The service is 1hr long.
Sermon time 20-25mins.
Communion is taken twice per month.

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Bristol Asian Community Fellowship meet in the afternoons at the church.
It's first language is Urdu but there is opportunity for translation.